School Recruiter (Applications)

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Carroll County Schools.


We have currently changed our application process and we would like to take a minute to explain how it works.  As of February 1, 2010, all new vacancies will be posted in a program called SchoolRecruiter, which can be accessed through our district website at  (click on the yellow button below). 

 SchoolRecruiter will allow you to view and apply for all posted positions.   You can apply by clicking on the position(s) you are interested in and completing the online application. 

 SchoolRecruiter will not allow you to apply for any positions unless there is a current vacancy or a posting for an anticipated vacancy.  This new program requires that all application requirements, including resumes, be submitted electronically. 

This new system is intended to simplify the process and make it easier for you to apply for positions in our district. 

Please remember that you are required to list three references, along with email addresses, so we can send the reference forms to them electronically. 

A Few Things to Remember:

  • You will have to log in to SchoolRecruiter and apply for each position that you are interested in individually.  You will not have to repeat the entire process, but you will have to indicate those positions you would like to be considered for.  For example, if you are an elementary applicant, and would like to be considered for all elementary vacancies in the district, you will have to log in and “apply” for each of those vacancies as they are posted.  It is important that you log in regularly to check for new vacancies as they occur. 

  • The TeacherInsight interview is still required for all certified applicants.  As of February 1st, the TeacherInsight interview can only be accessed through your account on SchoolRecruiter.  

  • Another change to remember is that you must include email addresses for the three references that you choose.  This process will make it easier on those individuals and will prevent them from having to complete multiple forms.

  • If you are applying for an Instructional Assistant position - you must either have an Associate’s Degree or have passed the Para-Educators test.  (Please contact Lisa Stethen at Jefferson Community College at 732-7102).

Here are the steps:

  • Click the School Recruiter button below.
  • Click on the drop down button for “Job Type” and select which type you are interested in applying for and click the “search” button.
  • Then click on the position you are interested in.
  • Click on apply for this position.
  • It will ask you to create an account. Do this and apply.