21st Century Learning Center



What is the 21st Century Learning Center?

Carroll County and OVEC, The Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative, were happy to announce last year that Carroll County was the recipient of a grant that created the 21st Century Learning Center. The 21st Century Learning Center is located in the Carroll County Middle School. The goal of this center is to create a safe and educational environment by providing after-school programs for our area youth.
The first year of the grant for the center is primarily focused on establishing after-school and extra curricular activities on the Middle School level. Plans are in place for summer activities that will be opened to the youth of the entire community, with hopes of establishing relations among all the grade levels.
Carroll County’s grant has provided the ability to purchase Lightspan, an educational curriculum that is played on a Sony PlayStation. The students are tested in language and mathematics skills. These test scores are correlated to determine the areas of individual need for each student in their education. Next, students play educational games that challenge them to higher levels by working through various skills, including competence in problem solving, mathematics, reading comprehension, and language. We currently have approximately 60 students that regularly work on these systems, and nearly all of the students using Lightspan have shown marked improvements in their test scores.
Additionally, as part of the after-school programs, we realize the need for the students to have fun and free play. We are in the process of setting up an activity room. This activity room will open the beginning of February, 2001. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment that the children are welcome to stay in until 5:30 in the evenings. These after school activities provide parents with a safe, inexpensive place for their children to stay while they finish their workday.