Distinguished Alumna — Angela Woods

poster of CCSD alumnus Charlie Baglan

Class of 2010.

Bio: Angela currently lives in Atlanta, Ga., where she is based for her job as a business analyst at McKinsey & Company. Angela has been part of projects in a variety of industries, including healthcare, technology, and aerospace. Previously, Angela graduated from Duke University with degrees in biomedical engineering and biology.

Influence of Carroll County Schools: As a Carroll County student, Angela was able to explore many areas of interest. Taking opportunities to seize natural curiosity, in any discipline, has been a great benefit, as she feels it is what keeps life interesting and opens doors to new opportunities.

We in the Carroll County School District are proud of our alumni, which is why we launched a project to highlight distinguished graduates of our school district. Distinguished alumni have a framed poster on the walls of each school to inspire current students to do great things with their lives.