Special Education Resource Page

Special Education Legal Documents

Below are legal documents that will let you know your rights as a parent.  The first is Carroll County Special Education Policies and Procedures.  The second is the Kentucky state regulations.  The final is federal guidelines for special education.

Carroll County Special Education Policies and Procedures

Kentucky Administrative Regulations

IDEA Regulation


Special Education Newsletters




Reponse to Intevention for Behaviors

The links below are problem behavior specific.  The resources are links to research based strategies from Intervention Central and PBISWorld. The strategies are divided into Tier I, II, and III levels.  When determining interventions for a student, choose 2-5 to use for approximately 4- 6 weeks.  It is important to have compile at least 9-10 data points for decision making. If after at least 6 weeks of time the student consistently fails to respond move to the next level of interventions. 


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