Distinguished Alumnus — Jeffery Dailey

poster of CCSD alumnus Jeff Dailey

Class of 2005

Bio:  Jeff is executive chef at Harvest, the famous farm-to-table restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. After graduating from Carroll County High School in 2005, Jeff attended Sullivan University, where he earned two associate's degrees and one bachelor's degree in culinary arts, baking/pastry arts, and hospitality respectively. Before moving to Harvest, Jeff worked for ten years at Corbett's, where he started as a line cook and worked his way up to executive chef.

Influence of Carroll County Schools:  During his time in the Carroll County School District, Jeff took advantage of the co-op program, which allowed him to gain specialized training in the culinary arts.

We in the Carroll County School District are proud of our alumni, which is why we launched a project to highlight distinguished graduates of our school district.