Bus Route #146

James Duvall

Bus Driver: James Duvall

Morning Run - Starts loading at 6:40 am on Ghent Eagle South. Turn right on Hwy 36, turn right on Stafford Ridge, turning around at Tuttle Lane.

Go back to Hwy 36 to Stafford's ridge Road and turn around. Proceed on Hwy 36 to Boone Rd. and go to the animal shelter to turn around going back to Hwy 36 and turn left.

Go to Tom Harris Rs. (4 miles) turn right, turn around at the bottom of the hill going back to Hwy 36. Go Left on 36 and pick up all students.

turn right on to 4 mile road. Proceed to bottom of the hill and turn around and go back to 36.

turn right on 36 and proceed to Jay Louden Rd. Turn right and go to Hwy 227.  turn right and proceed to High school, Cartmell, Middle and Winn.

Afternoon Run - Go to slot 15 at Cartmell to load student.  Go to High School behind bus 153.  Proceed to middle school slot 1 and then Katheryn Winn slot 1.  Leave Winn, turn left on Hawkins, right on 11th, left on Gillock to Hwy 227, turn right, proceed to Jay Louden Rd. Reverse the morning run.