CCHS, Distinguished — District, Proficient: Change in the air

Carrollton, KY — Sept. 29, 2016 — Annual test scores are in, and the results are incredible. Carroll County High School is a Distinguished School, and the Carroll County School District is a Proficient District, according to the Kentucky Department of Education’s Next-Generation Achievement testing system.

The Carroll County School District grew from a 59.3 Annual Measurable Objective to a 66.5 from 2014-2015 to 2015-2016. Kentucky’s assessment and accountability system determines which schools and school districts are improving and which are not.

The district’s Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) is an average of the AMOs of three schools in the district: Cartmell Elementary School (60.8), Carroll County Middle School (62.9), and Carroll County High School (76.7). The state’s testing system does not include Kathryn Winn Primary School since grades K-2 are not assessed.

“I have been saying for years now that we have one of the best districts in the state,” said Superintendent Bill Hogan. “We are thrilled to see the hard work of our students and our staff pay off.”

Carroll County High School’s “Distinguished” rating means it is among the best schools in the state. Additionally, the high school was rated a “high-progress” school, which means that the school met its yearly AMO goal, met student participation and graduation rate goals, has had a graduation rate above 80 for the previous two years and has “an improvement score indicating that it is in the top 10% of improvement,” according to the Kentucky School Report Card.

Almost 37% of the high school’s students scored Proficient or Distinguished on the writing assessment. On the English 2 assessment, almost 10% more students scored in the Proficient/Distinguished band than did the previous year. On the algebra 2 assessment, 15% fewer students scored in the Novice band (the lowest) than did the previous year.

78% of the high school’s students were College- and/or Career-Ready. 37 students earned industry certifications and 28 more passed the KOSSA test in their career pathway area.

The Carroll County School District as a whole earned a Proficient rating.

The district exceeded its academic improvement goal (which is set by the Kentucky Department of Education) by 700%.

This tremendous increase was a result of academic gains at all of the schools. Cartmell Elementary and Carroll County Middle School both had significant increases in their academic achievement, and growth across the district was impressive compared to other schools in the Kentucky.

•          CCHS grew more than 97% of other high schools.

•          CCMS grew more than 60% of other middle schools.

•          Cartmell grew more than 77% of other elementary schools.

•          The district as a whole grew more than 91% of other districts.

“Our students are amazing,” Hogan said. “In a community where more than 50% of our children live below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level, we are showing progressing scores. That’s a result of our awesome students and also of a dedicated group of professionals who come to work every day and break themselves to help our kids. I am so glad that our test scores are reflecting that work. However, I also want to say this: while we are glad to see great test scores, we don’t need them to know that our students are being prepared for life after high school.”

Since 2014, the percentage of graduating seniors who are preparatory in a career pathway at the time of graduation has increased from 39% to 83%. The number of students in co-op positions has nearly doubled. Additionally, co-op positions have opened in new areas, with two added to engineering and five added to agriculture. 9 students have completed requirements to graduate from high school early.

“Of course, we are very excited about these scores,” Hogan said. “However, as we say every year, we are not all about test scores. A kid is more than a number. Being prepared for today’s economy is about more than filling in the right bubble on a test. We are going to keep doing what we need to do to help our students, and I want the whole community to help us celebrate. If you see one of our students, say you are proud of them and of their school. It matters to kids to feel like the place they go every day is a good place. Our students and our test scores show that.”

The state’s testing system uses five categories to determine a school’s progress, also known as its Annual Measurable Objective (AMO): achievement, gap, growth, College and Career Readiness, and graduation rate.

Achievement is the first category, which is based on student results from Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP) tests for grades 3 through 8. High school results are based on End-of-Course assessments in English II, algebra II, biology, US History, and also tests for writing in grades 10 and 11. Additionally, the ACT is an achievement factor for the high school.

Gap is the second category used to calculate a school’s AMO. Gap scores are based on achievement results for different groups of students: minority, special education, free- and reduced-lunch, and limited English proficient. Each school has a proficiency goal for gap groups, and a school’s gap score rises when gap groups meet those proficiency goals.

Growth is the next category. Points are awarded when students improve significantly from one year to the next on K-PREP for grades 4 through 8. Third grade does not have a growth score since that is the first year students are assessed. When students’ test scores improve more than their peers’ scores do across the state, growth increases.

College and Career Readiness (CCR), the fourth category, is only calculated for high schools. High school CCR rates come from College Readiness or Career Readiness. Students demonstrate College Readiness by their performance on standardized exams, such as the ACT. Students can show Career Readiness through standardized exams or industry certifications.

For more information, contact Superintendent Bill Hogan or Gerda Wise, elementary instructional supervisor, at 502-732-7070.

The Carroll County School District is a public school system that operates within the geographic boundaries of Carroll County, Ky. The district serves around 1,900 students K-12.

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