Guidance for K-12 School Operations

Based on the latest information released from Team Kentucky, including the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and Kentucky Public Health, aligned with information updated from the Center for Disease Control released on July 9, 2021, and designed to help protect students, teachers, and staff slow the spread of COVID-19 in our schools, Carroll County Schools will be adopting the following guidelines: 




Carroll County Schools encourages that all eligible students (12 years of age or older), staff, and family members be vaccinated. We will be collaborating with Three Rivers District Health Department to provide on-site vaccinations to eligible students, staff and family members. More information will be communicated as it becomes available. 




All students and staff who are fully vaccinated WILL NOT be required to wear a mask indoors or outdoors at all Carroll County Schools buildings and properties. 


For all students and staff who are NOT fully vaccinated, it is recommended that you wear masks while indoors in all classrooms and non-classroom settings where at least three feet social distancing cannot be maintained, unless otherwise exempt (e.g. cannot wear a mask due to disability). No student or staff member should be asked if they are vaccinated, as this is a personal decision. Also, students and staff members who choose to continue to wear a mask should not be harassed, belittled or teased for doing so. 


It is recommended that all students and staff follow CDC guidance that masks be worn on public transportation.  However, this is not a district requirement. Students who choose not to wear a mask will continue to be picked up and transported to and from school accordingly. 


Physical Distancing 


Students and staff who have not been fully vaccinated should continue to observe social distancing of at least three feet when and where appropriate and feasible. However, we understand this is not feasible in all situations (e.g. classroom seat time, cafeteria/lunch room, other times where students are stationary throughout the day). To the greatest extent possible, Carroll County Schools will continue to attempt to reduce the number of students in each classroom, turn desks to face the same direction, utilize assigned seating, etc. 




Carroll County Schools has installed NeedlePoint Bi-Polar Ionization units for eliminating airborne particulates, odors, and pathogens on HVAC equipment in all schools and district facilities. 




Carroll County Schools will continue to emphasize and reinforce frequent handwashing with soap and water for 20 seconds and/or use of hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol. 




Carroll County Schools encourages our sick students, teachers, and other staff members to remain home if they are having fever and/or symptoms of COVID-19, including: 


- Fever or feeling feverish (e.g. chills, sweating) 
- New cough
- Difficulty breathing
- Sore throat
- Muscle aches or body aches 
- Vomiting or diarrhea 
- New loss of taste or smell


Quarantine and contact tracing 


Carroll County Schools will work with Three Rivers District Health Department to facilitate case investigations and contact tracing to identify individuals who have had close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19. 


Close contact will be defined as someone who was within six feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes while the person was considered contagious. An exception would include, in the K-12 indoor classroom setting, students who were at least three feet away from an infected student. 


Unvaccinated students, teachers, or staff who are identified as close contacts should be instructed to self-quarantine. Quarantine may be discontinued where the local health department determines the individual is safe to be around others or: 


- After day seven, the individual is symptom-free and receives a negative COVID-19 test five days or later after the last date of exposure.
- After day ten, without testing, the individual is symptom-free.


Fully-vaccinated people do not need to quarantine following an exposure to a person diagnosed with COVID-19 if he/she is not experiencing symptoms. 


Cleaning and disinfection


Carroll County Schools will continue to frequently clean and disinfect high-touch and shared surfaces and buses with electro-static germ busters. 

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