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High school students from across our service region of Carroll, Gallatin, Henry, Owen and Trimble counties will be deciding their courses for next year over the remainder of this school year. 

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Tony Jury

Many times students and parents would benefit from having all the information about some amazing opportunities that are available for their students. 

Education in Kentucky and across the nation is changing. If your students are looking for something outside the traditional four classroom walls then maybe consider the following opportunities.

The Carroll County Area Technology Center is pleased to announce we will continue to offer dual college credit courses through Jefferson Technical and Community College during the 2016-2017 school year. This school year, more than 80 students have taken advantage of dual college credit courses. These students will receive college credits from JCTC for some of the classes they complete while at the ATC.  The ATC instructors have applied and met the requirements to enable them to serve as dual instructors for the ATC and JCTC. 

How does this work? 

Students pay only $50 per semester for up to six credit hours of dual credit  Students could possibly receive a total of 24-plus hours of college credit while in high school, depending on when students start and which program they enroll in.

Each student will meet with JCTC’s student academic advisor, complete an application and make the payment at the beginning of each semester. The process is very student friendly.  Students may apply for the Mary Jo Young scholarship for their junior and senior years to see if they qualify for scholarship assistance for the $50 dual credit fees. The scholarship is offered through KHEAA. 

Applications for the 2016-2017 year will be available March 1. The deadline to apply is May 15.  Visit the following web address for more details about the Mary Jo Young Scholarship: 

Many of our current students are taking advantage of this scholarship.

What are the benefits? 

•                  College credit at the great cost of $50 per six hours of dual credit, compared to $882 that college students must pay for six college credit hours. 

•                  Also, compare this to the $92 fee students must pay per AP exam for a possibility of three hours of college credit.

•                  Dual credit courses are weighted high school credit  A=5 GPA points, B=4 GPA points

•                  All dual credit courses are technical courses that align with the programs offered at Jefferson Technical and Community College. 

For more information about the Carroll County Area Technology Center programs and dual credit opportunities please call (502) 732-4479. 

Tony Jury is the principal of the Carroll County Area Technology Center.

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