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In the Carroll County School District, we have more than jobs, more than careers. We have purpose. Each day, around 1,800 students come to one of our schools. Our team of teachers, custodians, bus drivers, administrators, and support staff all work toward the same goal: making each day the best that it can be for each student.


We do this so that all students in our school district discover their unique talents and have the best chance to accomplish their individual goals. Every child is precious and unique. For us, there is no higher calling than helping every child succeed.


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We strive to prepare our graduates for successful transitions to the adult world. In other words, we want our graduates to be ready to work, ready to serve, and ready to learn.



– Ready to Work: Our community is blessed with numerous manufacturing and service-based businesses, and we want our graduates to be ready for the job opportunities that are available. We believe that work is honorable and meaningful. Work is service to oneself, one's family, and one's community.



– Ready to Serve: We can accomplish more together than we can on our own. Through service projects, clubs, teams, and academic study, our students learn the value of community. We want our students to learn to listen, learn to empathize, and learn to help.



– Ready to Learn: Education opens doors. We work to prepare our students for whatever learning opportunities they wish to pursue after graduation: college, technical, or military.



We hope you will consider learning about our available job opportunities. Whatever role you take in our school district, you will be key to our team.


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