21st Century Learning Resources

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Flipped Classroom - Engage your students!  A flipped classroom allows the teacher to make a student centered classroom.

The Learning Network - This is a daily blog iwth a weekly news quiz, a weekly feature for ELL students, Friday skills lesson, Daily 6 Q's About the News feature, Text to Text, What's Going on in this Picture, Lesson plans and student opinion pieces.  Rated #1 Educational Blog!

Vivid Vocabulary, Common Core, & Tech Integration Tools - Examples Given!

Artilcles and Blogs

7 Tips From Effective Teachers Who Use Technology

A New Pedagogy - Learnership - Learnership is the new pedagogy, it is cutting edge. It takes away the need to know everything to become a servant leader - one who shows how to do something alongside the other person.

Effective Learning: Rigor, Engagement, Student-Centered Task, & Tech - Every teacher should read this post.  Simply stated it summarizes effective student learning.  It has wonderful links to describe each concept.  It is full of great resources!

The Global Search for Education: If not the SAT, What?  Very good article.

The 21st Century Principal - A Principal's Blog