Bus Route #148

Junie BurgessBus Driver: Junie Burgess

Morning Run:  Leave bus garage taking 227 to I-71 south to exit 43.  

Turn left on Hwy 389 going through English to turn around at Henry county line.  

Making first top at 6:10 a.m. on 389 to Vance Rd. to GilGal Rd. to the end to make a tourn around.

Go back to 389, turn left, make pickups through English to Mill Creek Rd. Turn left.

Turn around at Dolls residents and make pickups on the way back to 389.  

At 389, turn left than right on I-71 North exit #44 and turning right on 227.

Turn left onto Old 227.  Turn around at the end going back to 227 turn left.

Proceed to Gillock, turn left, go to 11th and turn right.

Proceed to the High School, Cartmell, Middle School and Winn.

Afternoon Run: Go to Cartmell to slot #6, proceed to the high school behind bus #147, then onto the Middle school behind #147 and onto WInn behind #147.

Leave Winn going left onto Hawkins, right on 11th, and then left on Gillock.  Do the morning route in reverse.