Bus Route #152

Terri Crutcher

Bus Driver: Terri Crutcher

Morning Run:  Leave bus garage at 6:32 am.  Turn left on Hwy 227, making stops from railroad crossing to Whites Run Rs.  Turn left on Whites Run (1112), turn right on Kendell Rd.  Make stop at the top of the hill then go to the end and turn left on Goose Creek Rd., Right on Buffalo, right on 467, and right ton Hwy 227.  Turn right into the entrance to Quality Inn, go back to 227 and make a right.  Follow 227, right on airport rd, left on 36, right on Fisher, left on Ware.  Turn right on Hwy 42 and then right into Cartmell parking lot going through to make a turn around in high school parking lot.  Unload at High School, Cartmell, Middle and then Katheryn WInn. 

Afternoon Run:  Go to Cartmell in slot #9, then the first bus in the 3rd row at the high school.  Proceed onto the Middle school parking behind #160, then go to Winn and park behind #160.  Leave Winn, turn left on Hawkins, left on 11th, right ton Schuerman, go to the light turn left on Park Ave.  Make stop between Framie and Fisher, then turn right on Fisher.  Turn right at stop sign, follow around and make a stop , then turn right on Park Ave.  At the end of Park Ave. at the light, go across Highland turning left in the parking lot and stop close to Snappy Pizza.  turn left out of the lot on Highland and right onto Park Ave.  Follow Hwy 227 left on 36, right tin to Indian hills, go all the way throught the turnaround, left on 36, right onto Airport Rd, left on 227 making stops and going into Quality Inn if needed, last stop on 227 is the Interstate Produce, then on to Hwy 467 and turn left reversing the AM run from there.