Bus Route 153

Debbie HowardBus Driver: Debbie Howard

Morning Run:  Leave the bus garage at 6:15 am and go to Hwy 227 to Highland across bridge and turn left onto Hwy 55 going onto Mount Hill.  Picking up all student son Mount Hill going straight onto Calendar Rd.  Turn left on Georges Creek, right on Hwy 55 picking up all student to Trimble Co. Line.  Proceed on 55 to 316 turn right, go to Carlisle Rd. turn right pick up student from county line to 42 turn right.  Make a left on Bridge St then right on Carlisle St.  Go across 55 then make a left on Dunn St.  Turn left on 55, turn right on 42, and left on 2nd st.  Make a right on Main st., make a turn around at the end going back to 7th and turn left.  Pick up all students to Hawkins and turn left and proceed to high school, Cartmell, Middle, and then Winn.

Afternoon Run:  Go to Cartmell and park in roadway beside #45.  Go on to High School behind #45, then onto Middle school being the first bus parked between sidewalk and #146 then on to Winn and park the same way.  Leave Winn, turn right ton Hawkins then right on 7th and reverse morning run.