Bus Route #160

Dianna DunnBus Driver: Dianna Dunn

Morning Run:  Leave bus Garage at 6:20am.  Take Hwy 227 to Whites Run (1112) picking up all students to Hwy 36, turn right, turn left o Divided Ridge Rd., right on Marshall Rd., pic up students and turn around at the end.  Come back out to Divided Ridge, turn right, picking up all students  to the end.  Turn left on 47, right on Sharon Rd., turn left on Ford Rd., turn around at the end, left on Sharon Rd.  Go straight on Black Rock and go to the end picking up all students.  Cross over 47 onto Liberty, turn left onto Lewis St., right on Carroll St., left on 42 picking up all students.  Proceed to the high school, Cartmell, Middle and Katheryn Winn.

Afternoon Run:  Go to Cartmell in slot #8, High School behind #158, Middle School behind #159, and on to Winn behind #159.  Leave Winn turning left on Hawkins, left on 11th, right on Highland Ave./Hwy42.  Drop off all students to Ghent turning right on Carroll, then reverse morning run.