Back-to-School Information 2019-2020

Last Updated: 8/6/2019 12:57 PM

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are so excited about the upcoming school year! 

Please see the links below for school contact information, registration and open house event dates, and more.


Carroll County School District - General Parent/Guardian Information


District Personnel


School Calendar: Grid / Text


Uniform Code of Student Conduct


Carroll County Child Development Center


Kathryn Winn Primary


Cartmell Elementary School


Carroll County Middle School

Carroll County Middle School Dress Code


Carroll County High School


Please feel free to contact the Carroll County Board of Education and/or your child's school with any questions or concerns:

Carroll County Child Development Center: 502.732.7016

Kathryn Winn Primary: 502.732.7090

Cartmell Elementary: 502.732.7085

Carroll County Middle School: 502.732.7080

Carroll County High School: 502.732.7075

Carroll County Board of Education: 502.732.7070