Students working together

Four future medical professionals have banded together to teach middle school students about the dangers of drug use.

Lacie Gross, Lexi Moore, Landon New and Josie Dale are in the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant program at the Carroll County Area Technology Center. They are participating in the Lead4Change program, a leadership program for sixth through 12th graders created by the former CEO of Yum Brands, David Novak.

“One of the big problems we found was drug abuse and awareness,” said Lacie Gross. The four will present to all four middle school grades during the day on Friday. They’re also hosting an ornament making event for all ages on Friday evening to support their platform.

The quartet is tying their medical education to their presentation on drug abuse and awareness. They said middle school students need to learn about the dangers of drugs and learn why they should say no to using drugs.

“I want them to understand it’s serious,” Lacie added.

The group has started a Facebook page, ATC Drug Awareness, that outlines their plans and goals. It also has a sign-up sheet for the ornament making event. Ornaments can be made from 6-7 p.m. on Friday at the Carroll County Area Technology Center. All proceeds from the ornaments will be donated to the Corner of Hope Recovery Center.