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A committee working to create a calendar for the 2024-2025 school year continues to gather information and develop the calendar.

Carroll County Schools Superintendent Casey Jaynes released responses to surveys posed to students, staff and the community. He noted that most groups support one Friday per month for students to either not be in school or have a digital learning day in order for teachers to collaborate, meet in PLC's (professional learning communities), analyze data and to contact parents.

The student survey has a unique perspective on this question:

“If we were to extend fall and spring break for two weeks each and if you needed remediation/intervention, would you attend the first week of fall break and the first week of spring break to receive the remediation/intervention?”

According to Jaynes, 85% of our students said yes or maybe that they would attend this opportunity and almost 70% parents would support that week of intervention.

“The calendar committee is looking at many options for our calendar next year. We have met twice and still have some work to do in order to try and meet our student's needs,” Jaynes said.

Please use these links to access the survey responses.

Students: Carroll County Schools Calendar Input Survey STUDENTS (2).pdf

Faculty: Carroll County Schools Calendar Input Survey FACULTY (1).pdf

Parents: Carroll County Schools Calendar Input Survey PARENTS (1).pdf

Community: Carroll County Schools Calendar Input Survey COMMUNITY (1).pdf