Operation Prom Dress

Prom season is just around the corner, and a local non-profit is seeking assistance in gathering essentials to ensure every girl has a memorable and enchanting prom night.

Headed by Amanda Bright, Operation Prom Dress is gearing up for its annual "shopping" extravaganza on March 16, from 12 to 5 p.m., hosted in the high school gym. During this event, girls are warmly welcomed to browse through an array of dresses, shoes, makeup, and jewelry. Personal shoppers will be on hand to cater to the girls' needs, allowing both parents and girls to unwind and enjoy the experience, Bright explained.

“We want the kids to be able to focus on what they want,” she said, noting parents get final approval and will see their daughter in their dress of choice. “This is available to anybody who feels like they may find a dress.”

This year, the organization is facing a critical shortage of makeup, shoes, and totes. Much of the makeup collected previously had to be discarded due to expiration. Donations of any shoe type and size are greatly appreciated.

Volunteers convene at the gym at 4 p.m. on March 15 to set up the mini shopping haven. They gather items from the storage facility, where dresses and supplies are kept, and transport them to the high school. Despite the importance of their role, the organization often struggles with volunteer shortages.

Bright encourages anyone interested in volunteering to reach out via email at mandabright5@gmail.com or through their Facebook page, Operation Prom Dress - Carrollton, KY.

"Even if you can only spare an hour, your contribution is invaluable," Bright emphasized. Ideally, she hopes to enlist the help of 15 to 20 volunteers.