Student Inducted

At Carroll County Middle School, a proud moment unfolded as the first cohort of students was inducted into the esteemed Proficient & Distinguished Hall of Fame. These students, recognized for their proficient or distinguished performance on the Kentucky Summative Assessment, were honored in a ceremony today.

Each student received a tap on the shoulder with a sword and signed the CCMS Proficient and Distinguished Hall of Fame book, recording their dedication to academic excellence for future Panthers. Their names will also adorn a banner that will hang in the gymnasium.

Gregory Humphrey and Maverick Johnson, both eighth graders at CCMS, escorted students into the auditorium on the red carpet. Wearing red capes and helmets, the pair also addressed the friends and family who attended the event.

The inductees by their current grade are:

Sixth Grade

Jace Adams, Keyan Addis, Annabelle Arney, Scarlett Baute, Rian Beach, Chloe Bohannon, Keelie Boswell, Adrianna Couch, Keaton Cromer, Kayden Dalton, Mike De Leon Alvarado, Liam Edgerton, Angel Galvez-Ramirez, Gabryella Garcia, Kelsey Hash, Keyla Hernandez Garcia, Tatum McGuire, Jett Mefford, Lillianna Mefford, William Liam Miller, Hallie Moore, Yolanda Nava-Sanchez, Sawyer Pattee, Emily Perkins, Aprille Perry, Hailey Pirtle, Harley Pirtle, Lillian Rice, Genesis Sanchez Xool, Jace Shisler, Allie Smith, Jace Smith, Danielle Stangle, Trinity Steers, Caleb Sullivan, Shelby Turner, Alyssa Tuttle, Eugene Wagers, Natalie Warren, Baylee Webster, Hagan Willhoite and Gian Zacarias Corona.

Seventh Grade

Clayton Adams, Kyelie Aldridge, Evan Campbell, Emileigh Chadwell, Logan Deitz, Leelend Gray, Sebastian Gutierrez Andrade, Keegan Harney, Gilbert Herincx, Michelle Keen, Bella Lozier, Kayne Maiden, Israel Maldonado, Brya Malo Beach, Dallas McGuire, Chase Miller, Taylor Miller, William Noble, Melanie Ortiz Perez, Ivan Pantaleon-Milian, Johnathan Pirtle, Aria Renfro, Evangeline Reynolds, Melisa Reynoso Lopez, Charlotte Robinson, Bentley Rose, Campbell Sauls, Lucas Spenneberg, Lars Switzer, Kali Taulbee, Lucas Tharp, Alan Wainscott, Alexander Wainscott, Alexis Ward, Zander Webb, Matisyn Williamson, Kelsey York and Liam Young.

Eighth Grade

Caitlin Anderson, Joshua Anderson, Leonel Atilano Zarate, Alex Bolton, Audrey Carli, Emma Cheatum, Brody Chowning, Dillan Davis, Milee Dickerson, Stephanie Garcia-Mejia, Payton Hamilton, Cayden Hardiman, Trustin Harris, Kyleigh Hatton, Madison Having, Nevaeh Hibbard, Gregory Humphrey, Maverick Johnson, Raylee Lino, Kameron Meadows, Dane Mefford, Estel Trey Miller, Shianne Murray, Cayden Parman, James Polley, Keegan Risner, Brooklyn Rose, Vatalanie Rowland, Connor Saggus, Madeline Sanchez, Amberlee Schooler, Jocelyn Shisler, Braden Tingle, Chase Warren, Molly Young and Kevin Zuniga Harrizon.

More photos are posted by grade on the District Facebook page.