Student Improves Environment

CCHS student Lauren Beatty was on the lookout for a PBL project, while school nurse Brittney Crawford wanted to create a more calming space for students. They joined forces to design a serene night sky.

Lauren is a student in the Project-Based Learning (PBL) initiative begun at the high school this year. Students utilize English and math skills to create a project. Lauren wrote a proposal for her project and had to measure ceiling tiles in the nurse’s office before creating her design.

She made a graph of each ceiling tile and outlined where the constellations would go. Thirteen constellations adorn the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark dots and stars.

Adding to the ambience, candles hang from the ceiling to recreate the feeling of The Great Hall in the Harry Potter series.

“We wanted to dim the brightness to ease headaches, so we tried to darken it and bring peace,” Nurse Brittney Crawford said. “So, I thought we would do The Great Hall on the ceiling.” Crawford pulled out her magic wand and demonstrated how the candles turn on and off.

Lauren also hung sheer black and yellow curtains on the window and placed magnetic screens over the fluorescent lights.

“It’s cute and it’s a lot more welcoming,” Lauren said.