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The Carroll County Board of Education approved another salary increase for all full-time employees, underscoring its commitment to secure, retain and reward employees.

Each full-time employee will receive at least a 5% raise plus the annual step increase.

“This demonstrates the board’s commitment by providing a total of 10% salary increase over the last two years,” said Carroll County Schools Superintendent Casey Jaynes. 

Chief Financial Officer Jon Conrad presented a detailed salary analysis for classified and certified employees to the board. The analysis included comparing positions in Carroll County to the same positions in other districts within the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative (OVEC). Each year the district will evaluate positions and address salaries to move toward maintaining a competitive salary for all employees with a goal of Carroll County certified and classified employees ranking within the top 5 of all OVEC districts.

The analysis identified specific classified positions that were in need of greater salary adjustment to make progress toward its goal. After the salary increase, the targeted full-time classified positions will jump several spots in comparison to other Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative (OVEC) districts. The targeted positions in this salary increase cycle include custodians, instructional assistants, nurses, bookkeepers and cooks.

“These positions are continually difficult to fill within our district and were among the lowest paid positions in comparison to the OVEC salary scale,” Jaynes added. He said the employees will receive details regarding the amount of their salary increase.

“I think it’s a good start. If we can afford it, we should do it,” said board member Corey Groseclose.

“While we would like to move everyone to the top five immediately, it’s not financially responsible,” Conrad said.

Currently, the certified staff salaries are competitive within the OVEC region. Certified staff rank third for Rank 3 teachers (zero experience), fifth for Rank 2 teachers (5 years experience) and fourth for Rank 1 teachers (15 years experience) within OVEC counties.

“We anticipate the approved 5% salary increase will keep our certified staff within the top five of OVEC districts, thereby maintaining our goal,” Jaynes said.

Conrad noted the general fund portion of the increase is slated to cost a total of $966,574. That includes $546,923 for certified staff and $419,651 for classified staff.

Conrad added that, “the district has planned for the salary increases and ongoing commitment to providing the best salary and benefits possible for all Carroll County Schools employees.”

“Our board values our people and wants to be the destination district,” Jaynes said. “I think this will make a bold statement for our current and future team members.”