Scott Anderson has been appointed as the new Athletic Director for Carroll County Schools, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted passion for athletics. Hailing from Pikeville, Kentucky, Anderson's journey in sports has been extensive. Most recently, he has spent the last two years as the head coach of the CCHS girls' basketball team and an assistant varsity baseball coach.

He has served as an athletic director and assistant athletic director in Bath County Schools. His coaching credits include basketball, softball, football and baseball, showcasing his versatility and commitment to all sports.

“I’ve coached every sport, been a referee, a former athletic director and been part of the media, so I think that covers about everything an AD needs to do,” Anderson said with a chuckle.

He has served as the interim Athletic Director and had a role in the 31st District basketball tournament hosted last week by Carroll County.

Anderson said it was hard to tell “my girls” he will not be coaching next year, but he believes the program is headed in the right direction. “I’ll be right there with them,” he said.

In addition to his coaching and administrative roles, Anderson brings a unique perspective from his experience as the owner, editor, and writer of, a website dedicated to reporting on the University of Kentucky's athletic teams. Anderson aims to utilize his media experience and introduce Panther TV, a platform for live-streaming games and showcasing student journalists who will cover post-game interviews and stories.

The veteran coach also teaches health, physical education and credit recovery classes at CCHS. Teaching and coaching have always had a deep connection for Anderson. “I started in education because of sports,” he said.

“Thanks to the AD search and hiring committee for their work in selecting Coach Anderson to this vital position,” said Carroll County Schools Superintendent Casey Jaynes  “Ms. Sutter and her team had a very thorough interview process and we had several very qualified candidates apply for this position, which is a testament to how CCHS and CCMS programs are progressing to #cctop10.”

Anderson plans to spread his focus throughout the district, most notably on “the little Panthers”, encouraging preschoolers to play sports and be active. As a young child, he remembers the impact seeing high school athletes visit elementary and middle schools had on him and other students. “I want to get our kids in the high school involved with the little ones. It really makes a lasting impression on them,” he said.

Anderson has a big job ahead of him, but he’s ready for the challenge. “This is not a job for me. It’s fun,” he said